Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

  1. Feedly
    Feedly allows you to organize content you collected from the web and share with your social connections.
  2. Buffer
    Buffer allows you to share content at the time you want by scheduling in advance, so Buffer does it for you automatically so you can work, play, or sleep.
  3. Mention
    MentioMentionn alerts you on anything said about you on the social web.
  4. Storify
    Storify allows you to collect tweets and posts about an offline or online event, conference, or topic then create a story.
  5. Bottlenose
    Bottlenose allows you to choose a social network and connect to it. It allows you to find the most shared links among your friends and followers, and track RSS feeds inside your social media dashboard. It is valuable for marketers and salespeople because you can analyze, target, and engage in posted content.

It is important for professionals to use social networking tools either for self-promotion or self-marketing. Professionals post content to allows people to find out what their interested in and employers may have similar interests and want to hire you. When employers see the content you’ve posted may be information useful to them they may want to hire you and you would be an employee that benefits them by keeping their company up to date and bringing them a competitive advantage.

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